Closing Date: 13th February 2018

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Senior Projects & Maintenance Executive

Salary: 0.00


Broadly speaking, the Senior Projects & Maintenance Executive will be required to:


Be responsible for the outlets’ renovation and the consistency of every outlets’ image. Involves in providing assessment of a proposed new site. Liaise with Landlords in ensuring the new company branding is explained. Deals with contractor and suppliers in ensuring outlet fixtures and equipment are maintained.


Ensure all agreed expectations are established and achieved by providing direct support to the operations department and to assist to reduce the budget given for renovation and equipment. He must be able to provide an accurate value for renovation and equipment cost when tendering for a new site.


Oversee maintenance team by managing and building a strong and productive team who consistently uphold Polar Vision, Missions and Core Values that ultimately contribute to the growth of the Company.


Ensures maintenance work for HQ Office, retail outlets and B2B customers are properly carried out.



The scope of work includes ad hoc task but is not limited to the followings:

  • Initiate site survey of site and conduct initial measurements
  • Design and draw draft layouts and discuss with Operations team about the layout
  • Design and draw final perspective layouts for landlords’ approval
  • Write up bill of quantity (BQ) and conduct renovation tender briefing
  • Oversee all renovation and workflow
  • Liaise with landlords and external parties with regards to renovation workflow
  • Maintain records of all drawings and documents relevant to construction
  • Provide local support for all internal customers (Ops, B2B and Main office)
  • Coordinate a team of technicians to engage for emergency work
  • Maintain records of all repair and maintenance works, spare part list, warehouse list and other admin Ad-hoc documents
  • Conduct risk assessment audits for the outlets that requires Bizsafe level 2 certification
  • Conduct risk assessment meetings with relevant departments
  • Coordinate between external parties and Finance department for all invoices and payments
  • Plan for festive kiosk and execute set up of booth




  • Proficient in Autocad, 3D Studio Max, Google’s Sketch up, Photoshop, Adobe illustrator is a must
  • Ability to lead, develop and maintain respectful and trusting relationship
  • A self-motivated person with high integrity
  • Possess good communication skills – both written and verbal



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