Closing Date: 13th August 2017

PMTS Design Enablement

To develop Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) and bulk CMOS (RFCMOS) RF transistor model and noise model kits for GLOBALFOUNDRIES advanced and VAS RF process technologies.
  1. Key responsibility is to perform high frequency and thermal noise characterization and modeling of transistors for deep submicron and mainstream RF technologies.
  2. Good understanding of the device physics of SOI and bulk CMOS RF transistors and the correlation of the process technologies to the transistors’ RF performance. The key Figure-of-Merits of interest include Ft, Fmax, 1/f noise, HF noise, IIP3, OIP3, P1dB etc.
  3. Familiar and able to perform DC/AC/RF/noise/large-signal characterization and model extraction of SOI RF transistors using BSIM-IMG, BSIM-SOI and PSP-SOI model architectures in SPECTRE and HSPICE model formats.
  4. Familiar and able to perform DC/AC/RF/noise/large-signal RF characterization and model extraction of bulk CMOS RF transistors using BSIM4.x, BSIM6 and PSP model architectures in SPECTRE and HSPICE model formats.
  5. Able to design and coordinate RF active GSG layouts and device matrices planning for RF modeling testchip development.
  6. Create and maintain testcases for GLOBALFOUNDRIES RF transistor models integration into PDK kits, perform simulations and physical quality assurance checks to ensure error free PDK kits delivery to customers. Run customer’s RF transistor testcases/netlists for model QA/de-bugging.
  7. RF transistor scribestreets implementation for statistical RF data monitoring and correlation to RF transistor models variability.
  8. Create and update model release notes, model reference documents and application notes. Document any known limitations, issues, and solutions, in order to communicate relevant information on proper usage of the RF transistor model kits to GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ customers.


  1. Min. Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics or Microelectronics Engineering.
  2. Software programming skills in UNIX, LINUX and Windows environment.
  3. In-depth experience of high frequency and thermal noise characterization and modeling. Ability to operate and maintain Focus Microwave electromechanical high frequency noise tuner-based characterization system.
  4. Hands-on experience with on-wafer DC/AC/RF/noise/large-signal characterization and de-embedding procedures using Cascade Microtech prober, Agilent’s PNA, PLTS etc.
  5. Familiar with RF characterization and modeling softwares such as Agilent’s ICCAP and ADS.
  6. Familiar or has worked on foundry’s PDK and usage for deep submicrometer and/or nanometer testchip tapeouts.
  7. Experience in analog/RF circuit design and/or has performed RF device layouts using Cadence.
  8. Good knowledge of SOI and bulk CMOS semiconductor processes for RF technologies on 14, 22, 28, 40, 55, 65, 130 and 180nm nodes.
  9. Driven, motivated, takes initiative, adaptive and meticulous.
  10. Systematic problem solving skills.
  11. Effective communicator and good presenter.
  12. Able to work as a team.
  13. Passion for learning new skills.

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