Closing Date: 17th August 2018

Dyna-Mac Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Sub-Contracting Executive

Salary: 3000.00

1. Shall be responsible for the engagement and negotiation of work with contractors.

2. To ensure the awarded price is within the budget or to achieve the optimum price level to increase           profitability for the company.

3. To handle all required legal documents with respect to Letter of Indemnity, Workmen Insurances,             Bankers Guarantees, etc.

4. To be familiar with Ministry of Manpower regulations concerning sub-contracting work from             
    Companies using foreign workers.

5. To prepare and compile all required information for contractors to submit accurate quotations 
    including cost estimation.

6. To follow up with contractor's quotations, negotiate and issue Works Order within the shortest   
    possible time.

7. To liaise with Production Departments on subcontracting matters, keep abreast of contractor's 
    performances and progress.

8. To handle complaints from Production Departments as and when required concerning poor 
    progress or quality work from contractors.

9. To handle any additional Claims or Contract Variations from contractors.

10. To handle the evaluation and assessment of contractors and their facilities in the form of audit if 

11. To advise the Reporting Officer of any recommendation to the listing or delisting of Resident 

12. To attend to any subcontracting related matters as and when delegated by the Manager / VP.

13. To attend project and internal meetings.