Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte Ltd

Since 1979, as a distributor of Toshiba communication and IT products manufactured by Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte Ltd (TDSP) has grown to be acknowledged as one of the leading telecommunications and IT companies in Singapore today. World-renowned for the leading edge technology, market dominance and quality products, TDSP’s ‘Dynamic Difference’ has made significant contribution towards making Toshiba, a leading brand in this challenging marketplace. With technological advancement and an ever-changing business environment, companies strive to keep ahead by using the most efficient and effective tools to sharpen their business edge. 
TDSP has kept ahead with the pace and dynamism of the 21st Century by constantly improving its product offerings and investing in its human resource. More importantly, it has adopted the attitude to stay relevant in a challenging business landscape. Today, its specialized business divisions are reflections of its core competence and vision for the future.
TDSP’s specialized business units are:
  1. Telecommunications (Business Communication Systems)
  2. Mobile Computing (Notebook Computers)
  3. Electronic Imaging (Copiers, Fax machines)
  4. Media Devices (SD Cards, External Harddisk, Camcorders, Memory Devices)
  5. Point-of-Sale Equipment

At Toshiba Data Dynamics, we believe our greatest asset is our high-performing employees!
We take pride in recruiting the best talent and investing in the continued development of our people. You will be thrilled to know that we adopt a pay-for-performance reward philosophy and if you can excel in our collaborative, “can-do” environment to make a “dynamic difference”, you will be provided with the opportunity to expand your career with the Company!

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