SSA Consulting Group Pte Ltd

Established since 1984, SSA Consulting Group provides a wide spectrum of consulting and training services to meet various business and corporate needs. We pride ourselves as a one-stop business service provider. Since our establishment, we have helped enterprises achieve sustained shareholder value growth through the development and implementation of innovative business and management strategies and delivery of professionally designed and developed various training programmes inclusive of WSQ – ES (Workforce Skills Qualification - Employability Skills) under SPUR(Skills Programme for Upgrading and Resilience).

SSA Consulting GroupTM is also a WDA’s accredited CET Centre (Continuing Education and Training Centre) for WSQ ES. Some of our popular WSQ – ES Programmes including Workplace Literacy Programme, soft skills programmes as well as computer programmes targeting at working adult to increase their employability in Singapore job market.

More than 90,000 participants have benefited from our various training programme and the number is still growing strong. 

As an employer, we believe in fairness and merit-based performance. We believe in making the difference in people’s life through our various services, including our own valuable staff. Join us today and MAKE the DIFFERENCE!