Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte Ltd
Situated at Old Choa Chua Kang, Nirvana is the most luxurious 6-star grade, modern columbarium with full air-conditioning. It is the first memorial garden ever privatized in Singapore. Being professionally designed in harmony with auspicious elements of Fengshui, Nirvana gives the scene its stately splendor. For those who visit here, besides praying for blessings, the grand and gracious ambience coupled with full range of modern facilities will let them have the serenity of total peace of mind while in remembrance of their ancestors.
With its modernization of facilities and perfect design and renovation, Nirvana provides much better professional services, not only preserving but enriching the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture. By means of expert planning, ensuring high quality of workmanship, and extra effort in handling and care, Nirvana will emerge as a modernized columbarium with comfy ambience that changes the traditional eerie image into one of solemnity. Nirvana shows all quality of tranquility for a place of peaceful resting, giving heirs a total peace of mind while making the deceased respectable.We invite applications for the post of:
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