Closing Date: 12th November 2018

RoviSys Asia Company Pte Ltd

RoviSys serves Asia from RoviSys Asia’ Singapore offices. We began serving Asia Pacific from US headquarters in 2000. Our Singapore company ensures that our excellent record of providing quality control system integration and local support to client continues. As an independent engineering firm, our customer satisfaction focus has created strong demand for our product and services with referrals and repeat business from a diverse client base. We’ve earn a strong international reputation as a respect provider of engineered process control, information and building system integration and related solutions.

Control Systems Engineer

Salary: 3200

Job Description 

A Systems Engineer will work directly with customers to define functional requirements and design, configure and implement control systems, software programs, electronic circuitry or packing for products or systems. 

Description of work

  • Work in team environment with engineers and designers from RoviSys, partners and clients to provide state of the art Control Systems to improve efficiency, product quality and profitability of process manufacturing. 
  • Design Electrical panels, Control Architecture and wiring drawings. 
  • Development of P&ID documentation for process clients. 
  • Define and implement programmable logic controller (PLC) / laddy design, distributed control system (DCS) configuration to meet client nees. 
  • Testing and on-site commissioning of control systems. 
  • Support of process control clients at sites in Singapore and aboard. 
  • May grow into position leading team of engineers and technicians to provide control system solutions for clients. 

Job Requirements 


  • Self-motivated, excellent communication skills and enjoy working with people.
  • B.S in Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Technnology. 
  • 0-3 years in Process or Industrial experience is a plus. 

Control System Knowledge

  • Electrical design and Process Control fundamentals. 
  • Familiarity with Controllers, such as single loop control, PLC, DCS or PC based controls. 
  • Exposure to Control Theory and some process understanding is helpful but not required. 
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/10, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Emerson, DeltaV. 
  • Process understanding of batch or continous process control, combustion control etc. 
  • Awareness or process safety, validation and good documentation practices. 
  • Programming languages: PLC Ladder Logic, Function BLock, SFC, VB. 
  • Thirdparty HMI/SCADA software, i.e. Intellution, WonderWare, OSIsoft. 
  • Others: network design/administration