Closing Date: 25th October 2018

AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd
AGB Education Centre is an organization specializing in employability skills and training. We have worked with various government institutes and conducted nationwide programmes, achieving outstanding results with regard to employability since 2008. It is clear that AGB Education is the training provider of choice in Singapore and we have trained over 20,000 in the past years alone. At AGB Education Centre, all trainers and administrative personnel alike believe in “Always Giving the Best”. This is a system of belief that permeates all that we do and is a promise the organization always delivers on.
Operations Executive (Junen - Beauty and Wellness Department)

Salary: 1600


  • In charge of stock levels for all skin care, make up products and peripherals related to the daily effective operations of the Junen business
  • Ensure the accuracy of stock levels on a daily basis
  • In charge of the reordering of stocks for the Junen Business from various suppliers
  • Assist in the managing of business relations with all suppliers and partners of the Junen business to ensure it is at an optimum level that is of positive value to the Organizations
  • In charge of the purchase process of Junen products by customers and Trainees by ensuring proper procedures of sales of goods are followed in accordance to the processes approved by the Management of AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd
  • Ensure proper and ethical practices are deployed when collecting cash or payments in NETs/ Credit Cards/ Debit Cards and any facilities used by AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd to complete the purchase process of Junen Products by the Trainees or customers
  • Ensure accurate cash computation for the weekly submision of cash to the finance department
  • Assist the Course Administrators in the Training Centre for the Skills Future Credit application process for all Trainees participating in the training programs conducted by Junen
  • Ensure all documents for the Skills Future Application process are properly documented as per the Standard Operating Procedures of AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd
  • Assist, together with the Trainer of the Junen program classes, to check all documents and assessment papers to ensure that they adhere to Skillsfuture Singapore's (SSG) requirements and standards for successful submission
  • Ensure all documents for the Junen program classes are submitted in a timely manner to the Training Centre Course Administrators in accordance to the datelines given by AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd
  • During the conduct of classes, assist in the facilitation of the class by providing support to the Trainer via interaction with the Trainees and also the sharing of information deemed accurate by the Trainer to ensure sufficient attention is provided to the Trainees during the training process
  • After the classes are conducted, together with the Trainer, refresh the training room by ensuring all debris are cleared and the class is set up and ready for the classes to start for the next training day/session
  • Work together with the Management of AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd to ensure the Junen Programs are run in an efficient and effective fashion to promote the positive experience of the Trainees and Customers who interact with the Junen brand 
  • Assist to ensure all Associate Trainers are conducting the June program classes in an effective and efficient manner that is in accordance to the training standards required by AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd which ensures effective delivery of information to Trainees in an engaging fashion
  • Work together with the Management of AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd to ensure the sustainability and profitability of the Junen business

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