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Wealth Management Consultant (Be Your Own Boss!)

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Do you have the Perfect Job?

To have that Perfect Job, we need to have 3 qualifying criteria.

1. Enjoy what you do.

The work scope and responsibilities must be clear so that you are not confused. You can then excel and in the process feel valued and appreciated.

2. Have a supportive environment 

Office politics often wear down a person’s ability at work as suspicions and mistrust poison the environment causing internal disputes and unhappiness. 
Time flexibility towards balanced work life is usually fixated to the usual working hours. Unexpected leave or time off are not welcomed in most workplaces.

3. Enjoys a progressive career path and rewards.

Most jobs only offer a vertical way up which is usually occupied by the most senior ranking and waiting in line may not be suitable for some who have higher ambitions than others.

Money matters as Inflation depletes whatever single digit salary growth. In a competitive business environment, most employers may want to reward their valued or long time employees, however their intention is usually restrained due to a lack of profit.

If you can answer Yes to all of the above – You have got the Perfect Job!

If Not…

Please let us help you review your situation and be prepared for a change.

Join our team of Wealth Management Consultants today and enjoy the Perfect Job!


• Develop and maintain good relationship with individual and corporate clients
• Analyse and evaluate client’s financial portfolio 
• Conduct Financial Needs analysis and recommend solutions
• Provide financial solutions to High Net Worth individual
• Provide Employee’s Benefits and Business Continuity Solutions to Corporate clients

• Local Polytechnic Diploma/Full ‘A’ Cert and above
• Working experience in related field is preferred
• Age 21 and above. Singapore Citizen and PR
If you have a passion for life’s best and desire to make a difference, we would like to hear from you.
Send us your resume and we will contact you for a preliminary discussion.

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