Closing Date: 2nd November 2018
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Viva Kids Pte Ltd

Viva Kids Pte Ltd is a social enterprise offering educational programmes to primary school pupils. Its flagship programme, KidsExcel , is a values-based sports and academic programme. The programme focuses on developing positive values and improving academic performance of its participants, and is conducted in schools and centres across the island.

It has amongst its management, experienced and distinguished professionals, including former senior civil servants from Ministry of Education and advisors from both National Institute of Education and the private sector.

We seek talented and passionate individuals to join our expanding team of education specialists.

Programmes Manager

Salary: 3000

Job Description

  1. Manage the KidsExcel project in terms of ensuring deliverables and outcomes are met, working with the academic and sports department.
  2. Administer and disseminate Kidsexcel collaterals such as programme calendars, scheduling and preparation of meetings, production of informational letters to parents, etc.
  3. Provide central office support such as ordering and distribution of snacks, uniforms, rewards cards, KidsExcel gifts, etc.
  4. Oversee the deployment of freelance trainers to the KidsExcel programme locations., and reimbursement claims of freelance trainers.
  5. Coordinate with schools, vendors and partners on programme offerings.

Job Requirements

  1. Degree or equivalent level of knowledge acquired through experience and training/development.
  2. Experience in managing day-to-day operations, developing and implementing effective and efficient systems.
  3. Good oral and written communication skills with an ability to engage effectively with a range of stakeholders.
  4. Shows initiative and has a creative flair for solving problems.
  5. Able to lead a small and dynamic team.
  6. Able to work on own initiative and to be proactive in developing and improving the administration functions.
  7. Good command of Microsoft Excel or equivalent, and use of IT.
  8. Familiarity of the education industry is an advantage.