Closing Date: 23rd July 2017

Iki Concepts


The Cook 3 shall prepare all food ingredient, be able to cook all dishes on the menu and to ensure food prepared is consistent and of superior quality. He has to ensure the overall neatness and cleanliness of the Kitchen and Pantry at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepare a variety of food items for cooking
  2. Cooking of food 
  3. Wash, peel, and/or cut food items, including fruits, vegetables, or certain types of meats
  4. Weigh or measure ingredients accordingly to the SOP
  5. Date label all food before storing them in chiller or freezer
  6. Re-fill kitchen condiment bottles and shakers. 
  7. Stack and store food supplies, equipment, or other utensils in the kitchen.
  8. Wipe down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers
  9. Ensure all equipment and spaces conform to sanitary regulations and high housekeeping standards
  10. Ensure proper handling of equipment
  11. Does daily check of freezer and chiller to ensure food is stored at correct temperature and records are up to date
  12. Any other tasks as assigned.


  1. Possess basic knowledge in handling food
  2. Able to work under pressure and tight schedule (eg. during peak hours)
  3. Able to work independently and as a team
  4. Enjoy cooking and willingness to learn
  5. Good benefits, Training opportunities and career advancement