Closing Date: 4th February 2018

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅

Production Manager

Salary: 0.00

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage production technology, responsible for research and development of new products decomposition, transformation, and production process design;
  • Manage and handle production trial of new products and provide practicable advice;
  • Plan and design operation process and technical methods, ensure correct use of machinery and equipment, technical safety, and fulfil other technical requirements;
  • Participate in the formulation of technical standards for production technology;
  • Guide, handle, coordinate and resolve the technical problems occurred in the production process timely, and ensure normal operation and on time completion of production plans;
  • Supervise the production process and make effective suggestions on production issues and regulations violation;
  • Supervise comprehensive inspection and guidance, organize and supervise department personnel to complete various tasks within their job scope and responsibilities;
  • Supervise the quality assurance to analyse and resolve quality issues immediately;
  • Participate in improving production efficiency and quality and implement optimized production action plan.
  • Responsible for company logistics centres and production centres GMP and HACCP audit;
  • Responsible for tracking, rectification and implementation of the unqualified items found during audit;
  • Responsible for summarizing and reporting of the audit outcomes;
  • Responsible for optimization and improvement of the food safety control level;
  • Responsible to combine and summarize the requirements of regional quality assurance and provide thorough food safety and quality guidance and training;
  • Responsible to compare, analyse, and summarize internal audit outcomes with the Group Safety Management Department audit outcomes;
  • Responsible to complete other tasks assigned by the management.


Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in food science, food process, or other related field;
  • Candidate must possess at least 3 years of working experience in food production or food processing. Experience in management role is advantageous;
  • Candidate must familiar with product quality standards, production standards, product technical features, production processes, manufacturing business, logistics, and technology within the operation processes;
  • Candidate must familiar with SSOP GMP HACCP ISO and other related system requirements and relevant laws and regulations of food industry.
  • Candidate must possess good sense of quality, on-site control capabilities, process optimization knowledge, organizational capacity co-ordination skill, analytic and problem solving skills;
  • Candidate must possess good planning and coordination ability and ability to setup achievable goal align with company strategic goal;
  • Candidate familiar with seasonings, aquatic products, meat products, fresh cut fruits and vegetables production and processing technology and process control points is advantageous;
  • Candidate must possess good leadership, organizational coordination skills, communication skills, executive abilities and strong sense of responsibility;
  • Candidate with integrity, hard-working, attention to detail, pragmatic, passionate, motivated, positive, right attitude, rigorous style, and strong execution skill is advantageous.
  • Candidate must possess good communication, coordination skills, implementation skills, and training skills to form interpersonal relationships and team spirit in the company.
  • Candidate possess passion at work to create a positive organizational atmosphere in the company is advantageous;
  • Candidate familiar with 5S, Lean Production, TPM, SOP process planning and other modern management methods is advantageous.
  • Candidate must proficient in Microsoft Office software.


Working Hours: To be advised

Working Location: Yew Tee

SalaryS$4,500 to S$5,500

Interview Location: 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #08-01 Singapore 189652

Interview Time: Monday - Friday 10:00-12:00 or 14:00-18:00 (Close on PH)