Closing Date: 5th February 2018

First Principal

Wealth manager

Salary: 0.00

What To Expect From The Job

1.      Good Income

2.      Autonomy of time

3.      Career Path guidance

4.      Clientele building, retention and management

5.      Satisfaction from highly rewarding career

6.      Fulfillment from meaningful client relationships 

7.      Professional recognition from peers, business partners and clients

Your Role As An Independent Financial Advisory Consultant

As a Financial Advisory Consultant at Avallis Financial, you will build a financial advisory practice that helps individuals, families and corporate clients manage their financial affairs through a process of wealth management, accumulation and protection.

Using our proprietary software, financial planning tools and information infrastructure, advisory consultants (also known as Advisers) can focus on their clients’ needs while managing meaningful and professional relationships. 

Guidance for new associates will be offered by a qualified and experienced management team, recognized as leaders in their chosen field, which helps greatly in fostering your growth. And to give you all the help you need in administrative and compliance issues, there is our dedicated staff to provide efficient support.

New associates undergo a rigorous 8-week professional training programme which consists of the following:

  • In-house & External Product Training
  • Full Spectrum Financial Planning Process Training
  • Business and Technical Skills Training
  • Joint-Work With Our Highly Experienced Advisers
  • Foundation For The Pursuit Of Relevant Financial Planning Certifications such as ChFC, CLU and CFP

Talk to us, it will take an hour of your time and this could be the best hour you will spend to start a new phase of your life.