Closing Date: 14th August 2017

Consortia Pte Ltd

Specialist Back End Developer

Developer Specialist in Wordpress, Joomla Or Drupal. 

Looking for Full Stack Developers and more importantly, Back End Developers. 
Duties include
1. Engineering with existing codes and objects 
2. Updating modules to ensure that they work with new updates
3. Setting up environments to test existing modules for errors and bugs
4. Providing a framework of practices for development control
5. Developing modules from scratch
6. Integration of different modules
7. Others

An extensive list is included: 
1. Deploying on the cloud.
2. Manual manipulation of databases
3. Integrating two themes into one common database
4. Others

Kindly indicate in your resumes: 

1. Your Prior positions and duties involved in those engagements
2. Your Capabilities and Functionalities as well as specialism 
3. CMS Specialisms and Capabilities
4. Preferences if Any
5. Your Capabilities and Functionalities as well as specialism 
6. Your Last drawn Salary