Closing Date: 26th September 2019
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Self Help Groups Student Care Limited

Self Help Groups Student Care Limited is a joint venture company owned by the four Self Help Groups (SHGs), namely, CDAC, SINDA, Mendaki and Eurasian Association. We were set up in November 2015 to operate 30 school-based Student Care Centres (SCCs) that will cater to students of all races.
The 4 SHGs have a long history of collaboration with our schools to benefit our students, especially those from lower-income families.
This partnership, initiated by the joint commitment of the four SHGs, aims to help schools to better support the holistic development of our students, especially those from less-advantaged backgrounds, by tapping on the community resources of the 4 SHGs.

Student Care Officers

Salary: 1450


  • Plan and conduct both indoor and outdoor activities for primary school students 
  • Ensure students' welfare and safety are being taken care of
  • Supervise students to ensure completion of homework and that spelling revision is done
  • Liaise with parents and form teachers to provide feedback on students' behavioural and learning progress



  • Min. GCE “O” level and above
  • Able to lead and manage primary school students
  • Able to communicate well with parents and students
  • Some relevant working experience in a related field



  • Normal school term working hours: 11am - 7pm (Mon - Fri)
  • School holiday working hours: 8-hour shift between 7.30am to 7pm (Mon - Fri)