Closing Date: 5th November 2018

Fusion Eateries Pte Ltd

Fusion Eateries is a Company that has just been in operations for the past 1 year.. With vast experience in F&B and an excitement to create a branding that is receptive and positively sustainable, We are carefully planning and excited with the growth and what's to come further ahead.
We are building a community here of people who appreciates and value  honest good food in a caring and conducive culture for the diners and service crews. We believe that Staffs and a good attitude  are vital and a pillar that supports the strategy of the Company. 

Outlet Manager

Salary: 1

A Vibrant and pleasant environment combining the ideas and synergy put together.


Outlet Manager who understands and believes in building a community of excellence, rewarding good work and a good team is what We believe in. It is all about understanding and respecting Our Staffs, and creating growth opportunities through training and working as a team. 


A willingness to re-learn to some extent and adapt is key!