Closing Date: 25th April 2019

Ascending Unity

Who are we? 
A dynamic and young organisation who believes in empowering our people through constant upgrading and shared leadership. 
Who are we looking for? 
Vibrant and positive characters who can compliment our culture. 
Why should you join us? 
A flatter organisational structure, where you get direct access to our top management : learn from the best
A clear and concised promotional outlay : you know exactly when and how to get promoted
Highest income potential : earn by the results you produce, not how society thinks you are worth 

Get Your Ideal Job

Salary: 2500

[ Fresh Grads | Job Seekers | Bankers | Students ]

You have reached out to many companies, but have to settle for a lesser job. 

You have been to many recruitment firms and events, but they don’t profile you strong enough, hence you do not get your dream job. 

We are not a recruitment firm. We are a firm, rooted in the space of personal finance, whom happens to know a vast network of key HR personals. With this advantage, we escalate your chances of landing your ideal job, expedite your hiring process and probably increase your market value in the eyes of your prospective employers. 

Send in your resume and we will invite you down for a chat to understand your ideals.