Strategic Wealth Organization

(One Stop Financial Services)
Strategic Wealth Organisation provides consultancy services in the following areas :

Share Placement
Convertible Bonds
Pre-IPO Funding
Private Equity Investment

Advising clients on business, ownership
and financial restructuring
Advising clients on debt restructuring,
standstill and buyouts etc

Assist investors to identify targets
Assist target companies in negotiations
with potential investors
Due diligence work
Valuation of targets
Developing appropriate financing structure
Arranging appropriate financing

Advising on the financing structure, tenor,
pricing etc (originating and structuring
of the Term Sheet);
Preparing Information Memorandum
Liaising with prospective lenders
Liaising with Legal Counsel and Lenders
on the loan documentation

Strategic Wealth Organisation provides a full suite of services catering to small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”). It acts as a vital link between the SMEs and the banks/financial institutions providing the funds. Our services include :

Sourcing/arranging funding from the banks
Sourcing/arranging for private equity financing
Structuring of trade finance transactions
Receivables financing/factoring/credit insurance
Formulating and executing business plan
In addition, Stragetic Wealth Organisation also offer value added services which are required by the SME clients at different stages of their growth and development.

Strategic Wealth Organisation provides clients with business services in the following areas:-

Improve business functions, e.g. finance & accounting
Strategic Planning for expansion, restructuring and succession
Corporate Secretarial Services
IT and Logistic Support